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Process of “sing up” on oDesk.

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Process of “sing up” on oDesk.

Sign up in oDesk is very easy.

1. First you visit on oDesk website and click on the button “Create an Account ”

(Top right side of the page)

2. Then you click the button of “I want to find work ” (Middle bottom of the page).

3. Now just fill up a form giving some personal information. All time give here all real information not false (Because it need verify your National ID and Bank Statement).

4. You verify your email address (log in your email and click verify button into the mail).

5. Now you try complete you profile ( give your contact information picture etc).

6. For full fill you profile need ID verification, Here you submit you picture National ID and Bank Statement. ( all file you submit JPG format).

7. For build up skill you add one or more portfolio project.

8. Now you take a test oDesk readiness test. It is a easy test on oDesk. Here you find one hour time and give answer 15 question. Pass mark 5 of 5 ( Mean you must be give 100% right answer).

9. For build up skill 100% you need take some skill test.

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